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Stewart & Lisa Norrie
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Calves can't wait for Feedmix grain so help themselves


We have been using Feedmix for well over 5 years in our calf rearing operation. We wouldn't use anyone else. Our calves are big, healthy and are on to the meal a lot quicker than any other meal/ pellets. They are always on time and nothing is a problem. We highly recommend Feedmix.

Hamish Katrina McLachlan

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We've been using Feedmix for the last 5 years on different farms. They make an  excellent well mixed product to our requirements. All nicely bagged into easy to  handle size bags. They've been coming to do our calfmeal on regular intervals so  we'd never run out. Highly recommended with good product/price balance.  

Bas and Gina Looman
Looman Dairies
Clandeboye, Canterbury

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“We have been using Feedmix Calf Meal on our farm for 5 years now.  We find that the Feedmix product is easier to get our Calves to take to and Dave and Stu are excellent to work with.”
Graham Thomas, Hinds.
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This is a new website for the new owners of Feedmix Ltd. Stewart & Lisa Norrie and we are awaiting the arrival of some testimonials that have been promised for this page. If you are a client of Feedmix and would like to provide a testimonial that can be added to this page please email it by linking to the address below.

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