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Stewart & Lisa Norrie
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A Bit About Us

On the 8th July 2016, Stewart and Lisa Norrie took over ownership of this innovative company. After 3 and a half years working with Dave Campion, who started the company in 2001, Stewart & Lisa took over over the reins and continue providing quality, cost effective* feed to the Farmers of Canterbury.

Feedmix Ltd operates four mobile machines, which have been imported from the USA and fitted to NZ trucks.  The machines are highly specialised and are able to process a wide range of grains provided on farm by our clients.

What makes us unique is that we use your raw product (barley, wheat, peas & maize etc.) and process this through our machines, either crushing, bruising or hammer milling it.  We then customise the mix to your specifications, with the option of processing and mixing in further protein.

Each of our machines carry our own custom mineral blend, Bovatec and molasses.

Stewart and Lisa have been joined by their son-in-law Devin, who is a full-time driver/operator.

Talk to Stewart today and find out how Feedmix can work for you, 0274 622 529

* All prices quoted are using grain supplied by our clients.  Additional costs include but not limited to purchase of grain & travel.

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