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From as little as $40 per tonne plus GST, your herd can benefit from Feedmix Ltd’s Mobile Feed Processing Service.


*DAIRY MEAL PROCESSING - From as little as $40
(grain silo to meal silo or truck to meal silo)
Custom blending for individual farms. We can supply and add extra protein and other micro ingredients if required. Most are carried on the machine or supplied by the farmer. We can suck problem materials from blocked auger tubes supplying your roller mill. We can roll your grain if there is a problem with your roller mill.


*CALF MEAL PROCESSING (mixed onsite into sacks or bulk)
Our calf meal begins at $170 per tonne, included in this price is premix vitamins and minerals, molasses and Bovatec. After 2 - 3 weeks the meal will begin to dry out, however calves are usually not deterred - once they're hooked on our calf meal, they will continue to eat it.

It is best to have fresh meal made regularly, especially for younger calves, which is why we can visit your farm as needed.


*GENERAL PROCESSING - Peas, Maize etc.
Rolled grain can be supplied in bulk or processed on farm.  Feedmix Ltd will operate four mobile units (both with large roller mill and hammer mill) within the greater Canterbury area. Additives and supplements can be supplied and mixed. Liquid molasses can be blended if required.

Bulk trucks are regularly used to deliver freshly mixed feed to the West Coast and other South Island areas where grain is not grown. This grain is processed straight from the storage silo onto trucks with supplements added and mixed as required.

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