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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What’s in your calf meal?
A: Our calf meal processing begins at $170 per tonne.  Starting with grain provided by you, this mix includes premix vitamins and minerals, molasses and Bovatec.

Q: How often do you process the calf meal for us?
A: Ideally we would visit your farm once a fortnight to ensure the meal you’re feeding your calves is fresh as possible.

Q: Do we sign a seasonal contract with you?
A: No, unlike other agents we do not ask you to sign a seasonal contract with us

Q: How heavy are the bags of meal if we don’t have a silo to store?
A: Generally the bags are 25-26kgs in weight however we have the flexibility to make them lighter if required.

Q: How long does the calf meal last?
A: After 2 - 3 weeks the meal will begin to dry out, however calves are usually not deterred - once they're hooked on our calf meal, they will continue to eat it.
It is best to have fresh meal made regularly, especially for younger calves, which is why we can visit your farm as needed.

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